About Vega Gate
Vega Gate is a service envisioned, designed and built by the owner of Vega Discoveries, LLC., Richard Hancock.
Mr. Hancock has been building custom database applications for over 25 years.

After creating multiple custom applications, I recognized that almost every new system required its own security module to meet the needs of authentication and authorization.

I determined that it would streamline development time if a single master system existed to meet these needs.
i.e. rather than creating a new security module with every new application, create a single security module for multiple applications.

- Vega Gate is a solution that has been designed to meet security needs of custom applications.
- Vega Gate has been designed to meet the needs of desktop and web based solutions through the Cloud.
  • Vega Gate Service by Vega Discoveries

    Vega Gate is a service offering of Vega Discoveries, LLC.

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