Like a Bank Vault.... Bank Vault Door

Consider the following;

You have established a relationship with your favorite bank, My Savings Bank.
The kind folks at My Savings Bank inform you that they now offer Safe Deposit Boxes which allow you to securly store any item you wish.
This sounds like a great solution for storing all of your grandmas cooking recipes.
You rent a Safe Deposit Box from My Savings Bank.

Now lets examine what happens when you wish to access your grandmas cooking recipes when you visit My Savings Bank?
1) First you are asked to provide some form of identification that you are who you claim to be.
2) Once your identity is authenticated, the banker then identifies which Safe Deposit Box you have access to.
3) You are then granted access to just that one Safe Deposit Box and remain restricted from accessing any of the other boxes or their contents.

How does it compare?

Your company or business creates and stores information that you wish to share with others.
Some of this data is made available to the public without restrictions,
however, there is even more data which you wish to make available, but wish to control who can view it.
- Like verifying who has access to enter the bank vault.
More importantly, you need to control and track who is able to Edit, Add To and Delete the information.
- Similiar to controlling who can access which Safe Deposit Box inside the bank vault.

You must implemnent an Authentication system to verify who is attempting access.
In addition, you will need and Authorization system to control which of the authenticated users may manipulate or add to the information.

- Vega Gate is a system that implements Authentication.
- It can be implemented through the cloud on any website.
- Vega Gate also has the capability to provide Authorization information.

The Vega Gate Authentication and Authorization systems are separate services which have been designed to work together.
If your requirements do not require Authorization, then the Authentication service can be implemented alone.
If your requirements include Authorization, then the Authentication service will be required also.

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