• Programmer

    Authentication When a developer is working with a solution that is being controlled with Vega Gate, there will be some setup steps that will need to be completed.
    Authorization If the solution is using both Vega Gate Authentication and Vega Gate Authorization then additional steps will be necessary to ensure Authorization control is available.

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  • Process Expert

    Authorization Once the programmer has recorded all of the components that require security into Vega Gate, an individual who is a business content expert can organize the programmer entries into logical groups.
    These groups will represent business processes of the organization.

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  • Role Expert

    Authorization Once business process groups exist in Vega Gate, they can be used to define roles. A role will usually correlate to a job title or function.
    A role is not only defined by what process or processes it includes, but also by which permission level(s) a member of the role is granted.

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  • Staff Coordinator

    Authorization With all of the above entries complete, now an office coordinator can add and remove staff from roles as needed.
    A Human Resources Manager will be able to easily remove access to systems as staff leave the company.

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